Meet Rainforest Heroes

At Rainforest Action Network, we are always amazed at how much kids do to help save the world’s rainforests. We wanted to give teachers and students a place to show off their hard work. Here you’ll find a few examples of the great stuff that kids have been doing.

Protect-an-Acre Heroes Protect-an-Acre Heroes have been working hard raising money to protect the rainforests. Check out these brilliant and creative examples of how kids and schools have raised money to help support Indigenous communities and protect rainforests!

Poster Artist Heroes made over 400 posters about protecting the rainforest. Many of the posters also called on one of America’s most famous cereal brands, General Mills, to stop destroying rainforests for palm oil. Youth in Minneapolis delivered these posters to General Mills on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in honor of youth working together for Earth Day from around the world.

Letter Writing Heroes just had a batch of letters delivered to Cargill CEO Greg Page. 14 people including concerned parents, children, and Walker Church social justice chapter were there delivering hundreds of hand-written letters from kids around the world, especially kids US, Australia, and England.

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