Of all the tigers in all the world, Sumatran Tigers are the smallest. They’re very hard to find—but not because they’re so small. It’s because there are less than 500 of them left, and they all live deep in the remaining rainforests of Indonesia.

One of them is very special. He’s a tiger cub, and he’s the smallest Sumatran Tiger in all of Indonesia. And that means he’s the tiniest tiger in the whole wide world.

His name is Tiki.
One day, Tiki was walking out in the rainforest when he saw the biggest, most terrible sight he’d ever seen. Giant men with huge machines were cutting down all the big trees!

Even though he’s the tiniest tiger in the whole world, Tiki wasn’t scared. He walked right up to the men and said,

“You stop that right now! This is my home!”

But none of the big men with the big machines even noticed him. So Tiki took a deep, deep breath and let out the biggest, most loudest noise he could make: the Tiny Tiger Roar! Nothing.

Then Tiki saw some other men with big machines. He ran up to them, took another deep, deep breath and let out another Tiny Tiger Roar! Still nothing. For hours, Tiki kept going through the forest, roaring at all the men with all their giant machines—but no one paid any attention to him.
Finally, Tiki could roar no more.

He sat down next to one of the biggest trees that was still standing and wondered what to do. A little while later, a girl came up to him. The girl asked Tiki, “Why do you look so sad?”

Tiki said, “Because my home is getting cut down. There aren’t many tiny tigers like me left, and we need the rainforest to survive.”
“Why are they cutting down the rainforest?” the girl asked.

“I heard them say that some companies are turning the trees into books. I tried to tell them to stop. But no one paid any attention to me.”

The girl said, “That is sad. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to me, and I don’t like it either.”

They both sat there feeling sad.

Then Tiki realized something. “But you can hear me!” Tiki said.

“That’s right! I can!”

“Do you think other kids can hear me too?” “Probably.”

“Maybe if we all roar together, we can get them to stop.”

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