Todd Parr Helps Protect Rainforests!

Todd Parr and Tiki, photo: RAN/Lola Catero

Hellllo everyone! Tiki the Tiger here. I just made the coolest new friend everrr, and I want you to meet him! His name is Todd Parr, and he is a children’s author – that means that he writes books for kids. I like Todd because sometimes he is silly and makes me laugh, but I also like Todd because he loves and cares for the Earth, our home.

Todd and I recently hosted an event together at The Booksmith in San Francisco. At the event, Todd read all of his favorite books, including my all-time favorite, The Earth Book. This roarrrsome book teaches us how we can take care of the earth each and every day. And The Earth Book is even printed on recycled paper – meaning no trees, especially those in my rainforest home, were cut down to make it!

After Todd read his books, my friends at Rainforest Action Network, helped

Roaring for Tiki, photo: RAN/Lola Catero

me to tell my story (since not everyone can understand when tigers speak). They told everyone that my forest home in Indonesia was being cut down for paper used in books. No one was happy when they heard that, so everybody, big and small, ROARed with me and agreed that rainforest-safe books, like the Earth Book, were the way to go.

The whole day was tigerrrific! Thanks to Todd Parr for being my friend (and favorite author) and to the Booksmith for hosting us and supporting rainforest-safe books! I hope we can all get together again one day soon! For more photos of the event, check out my Facebook page!